Automatic Candle Printing Machine

Automatic Candle Printing Machine

Power: 5.8 kw

Printed material diameter: φ3~φ20 mm

Printed material length: 60-160 mm

Printing speed: 8000pcs/h

Application: for high-speed printing of candles, pens,lipsticks,etc.

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Candle Printing Machine Introduction

Parparty candle printing machine is of fully electric control. It can be widely used for high-speed printing of candles, ballpoint pens, hydrolyzed pens, pencils, markers, whiteboard pens, gel pens, signature pens, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks, medical test tubes, etc. The whole process is fast, steady and has no any damage on the products.

Spotlight of Candle Printing Machine

  • High-speed printing up to 8000 pcs/h.

  • It can print two different types of goods or patterns at the same time.

  • Automatically regulate the discharge direction, saving labor.

  • Constant working speed keeps printing effect always same.

  • Adoptign IR infrared or UV drying system(optional), thus printing and drying are completed simultaneously

The Finished Birthday Candles by Our Candle Printing Machine

birthday candles-min.jpg

Specifications of Automatic Candle Printing Machine


Automatic Candle Printing Machine

Printed material diameter

φ3φ20 mm

Printed material length

60-160 mm

Printing length

20-80 mm

Printing speed

8000 pcs/h


220v 50/60Hz, 5.8 kw


680 kg


6790*1120*1520 mm