Aluminum Number/Letter Candle Mold

Aluminum Number/Letter Candle Mold

Material: Aluminum

Type: Number/letter mould

Application: for number/letter candle making

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Number Candle Mold Introduction

Parparty not only offers you candle making machines in each process, but also different kinds of mould for number/letter/crafted candle making. If you need other matetial like silicon molds, we also can supply you. Other machines like candle printing machine cand be found on our number/letter candle making machine list. All our machines are suitable for candle factory in small or large scale, not for single candle making.

Spotlights of Candle Molds for Sale

  1. Light and durable to use

  2. Easy to unload mould

  3. Easy to clean

  4. Customizable. 

Number Candle Mold and The Candles


Using Video of Candle Mold