Analysis of The World’s Major Candle Consumer Market

Since the main candle consumer market is in Europe and the United States, the manufacturers of candles and related products are mainly concentrated in Europe and North America.

pillar candles.jpgThe major consumers of candles in Europe are the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, etc. The market is relatively mature. The major European candle manufacturers are Colony, Bolsium, Gies,Eika, Willer,etc. These enterprises have perfect sales channels, loyal consumer group and good control of the sales trend.

The North America market is well developed and of long candle consumption history, therefore the North America market is the world’s second largest candle fragrance consumer market after Europe and its candle consumer market is gradually expanding.

1566464309614874.jpgThe largest major candle manufacturers in the United States include Blyth, Inc, Yankee Candle, Lancaster Colony, SCJohnson and Son, among which Blyth, Inc. is the world's largest candle manufacturer.

Based on the advantages of raw material and labor cost, Asia candle makers are winning more and more share on global market. China is the biggest paraffin wax exporter and has developed manufacturing industry, so it has rich raw material and diverse candle making machines. Its candles market is promising.