Automatic Birthday Candle Making Machine

Automatic Birthday Candle Making Machine

Candle Size(Dia.): 1.1-15 mm

Power: 26 kw

Capacity: 7000-24000 pcs/h

Types: 90,120H,150H

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Birthday Candle Making Machine Introduction

Our birthday candle machine can produce different kinds of birthday candles like plain surface, spiral surface and very fine. The diameter of birthday candles range from 1.1 mm to 15 mm and the length is from 25 mm to 350 mm. The whole process from solid wax to single birthday candles can be finished automatically.

Spotlights of Spiral Candle Making Machine

  1. working drawing of birthday candle machine.jpg

    The length and diameter of candles can be adjusted in the large scope.

  2. Automatic sharpening and cutting

  3. Multiple specifications of birthday candles are available including plain surface and spiral surface.

  4. Installation service and operation guide is available.

Installation Drawing of 12 mm Birthday Candle Machine

installation drawing of birthday candle machine-min.jpg

Birthday Candle Making Plant.jpg

Birthday Candles Made by Our Machine

birthday candles-min.jpg

Working Video of Automatic Candle Making Machine

Specification of Birthday Candle Making Machine


Automatic Birthday Candle Making Machine






26 kw

26 kw

26 kw

Candle Size(Dia.)

1.1-9 mm

1.1-12 mm

1.1-15 mm


18000-24000 pcs/h

9000-24000 pcs/h

7000-24000 pcs/h