Automatic Candle Carton Packing Machine

Automatic Candle Carton Packing Machine

Cartoning Speed: 30-120 boxes/min

Main Motor Power: 1.5kw

Dimension(L×W×H: 3100㎜×1100㎜×1550㎜

Net Weight: 1500 kg

Application: for automatic feeding and cartoning of candle, medicine and other items

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Automatic Carton Packing Machine Introduction

This equipment is our up-to-date candle packaging machine in combination of the advanced technologies at home and abroad. Online material inspection, embossing lot number, carton sealing, unqualified material reject and finished product output are all completed automatically.

It is suitable for automatic feeding and cartoning of food, medicine, daily chemicals, entertainment, hardware and other items.

Spotlights of Carton Box Packaging Machine 

  • PLC automatic control system, frequency control and renowned electrical components

  • Adopt human-machine interface operating system

  • The number of plates to be packed can be arbitrarily set on the operation screen.

  • It will automatically stop when mechanical overload happens

  • It will automatically remove the cartons without goods and instructions.

  • It has the following functions: fault display, alarm and finished products count.

  • It is of stable function and easy operation.

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Working Video of Automatic Candle Carton Packing Machine

Main Parameters of Automatic Cartoning Machine

Cartoning Speed: 30-120 boxes/min(depending on the size o the paper carton)

Paper Carton

Weight Requirements

250-350 g/(depending on the size o the paper carton)

Size RangeL×W×H


Instruction Book

Weight Requirements

60-70 g/

Unfolded Size RangeL×W


Folded Size RangeL×W

1-4 fold

Compressed Air

Working Pressure


Air Consumption


Power Supply

380V  50HZ

Main Motor Power




Net Weight

1400 kg