Automatic candle shrink packing machine

Automatic candle shrink packing machine

Speed: 30—120 bags/min

Power: 3.66Kw

Packaging film width: 590 mm

Packaging material: PVC, OPP, POF, DOPP, etc.

Application: for the shrink film packaging of candle, fruit, vegetables, meat,etc.

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Automatic Candle Shrink Packing Machine

This machine is our patented machine, improved on the basis of the pillow packing machine. It is  widely used in the shrink film packaging of fruit, vegetables, meat,etc with trays or block material like candles. Fast Speed and beautiful packaging.

Unique Advantages 

  • Compact structure, stable performance and easy operation

  • Original single servo or dual servo motor control. More Intelligent, higher packaging accuracy.

  • Adopting the advanced fully-open box structure, the transmission structure is clear and maintenance is more convenient

  • Adopting imported electrical appliances and touch human-machine interface

  • High-sensitivity photoelectric-eye color tracking design makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate

  • Independent temperature PID control, better suited to various material envelopes.

Working Video of Pallet Shrink Wrap Machine

Shrink Wrap Machine Details and Effect

Packing effect of shrink packaging machine-min.jpg

Technical Data of Shrink Wrap Machines for Sale


Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine

Packaging film width

590 mm

Size of goods for packing

L: 90-400 mm

W: 30-200 mm

H: 40-120mm


30—120 bags/min

Machine Size

5000×1100×1750 mm

Packaging material

Shrink film: PVC, OPP, POF, DOPP, etc.

Total wight

1200 kg


Single phase,220V,50Hz ,3.66Kw