Candle Dipping Machine for Sale

Candle Dipping Machine for Sale

Main Motor Power: 550W

Dimension: 2800*2500*1700

Weight: 580 kg

Application: for all kinds of candle making materials

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Candle Dipping Equipment Introduction

Candle dipping equipment is an ideal choice for a variety of candle making materials. By moving up and down in wax liquid, the taper candles finally come into being. The candles produced by our machine is of smooth surface and high burning quality.

Features of Taper Candle Machine

  1. Independent temperature control of each program. The wax temperature is more constant, which makes the product more beautiful.

  2. Turnkey system. The whole process including dipping, coloring, cooling and candle head forming are finished by itself.

  3. The solid transmission and fixed rails make the locomotive run more smoothly and without noise.

  4. Flexible combination design, easy to install, transport and maintain.

Working site of candle dipping machine.jpg

Working Video of Candle Dipping Machine

Specification of Candle Dipping Machine


Candle Dipping Machine

Main Motor Power





580 kg