How to Choose Manual Candle Making Machine

Manual candle machine is an ideal choice for the beginners. It is easy to operate, maintain and suitable for making almost all kinds of candles. It is a very common candle making machine now. However, facing to so many similar manual candle machine, how can you choose a really durable and suitable one for yourself?

First, you should have a clear idea of your raw material and candle size. Generally speaking, manual candle machine is of wide application, but the mould of one set is fixed. Not all candle machine supplier can meet your customization requirements. Which raw material do you use, paraffin wax, soy wax or beeswax? Which kind of candle do you make, normal white candle, tealight candle or pillar candle? By telling your specific needs, you can eliminate some unqualified suppliers. Parparty is a manufacturer of candle making machines. They can make it.

Secondly, Price. As candle making beginners, saving costs is the top factor to consider, so you can see many suppliers say their machine is below $500. Here we need to make clear its capacity and its material. After all, price is the guarantee of the quality to a certain degree. What’s more, it is not rare that some cheap candle making machine can’t work or are easy to malfunction. That is a really a waste of money. Choosing a reliable manufacturer with reasonable price is a better choice. Take Parparty manual candle machine as example. The refer price of its manual candle machine is $1060. The output is 3-5 times/h. One of its popular model is of 6 rows, which can produce 120 pieces each time. Its mold is stainless steel and key parts are made of seamless durable steel. With right operation, parparty manual candle machine can work  for 20 or 30 years.

The last but not the least, professional team. A professional team will consider more than you.Their rich experience will make the whole process smooth from purchasing, delivery to installation. In international business, business will finally become a interpersonal communication. They not only care about a single business, but also build a reliable brand. If you contact Parparty sales staff, you will find this point. A video show of our four models of manual candle making machines(see below).