Digital Candle Pinter

Digital Candle Pinter

Print size: 600m*1500mm

Printing speed: A1 (1440dpi)/10min

Special ink: Environmentally friendly UV ink

Interface mode: USB2.0/IEEE1394

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Digital Candle Printer Introduction

Our digital candle printer is a brand-new digital printing device. It is based on high-precision inkjet technology and breaks the limitations of traditional printing devices that can only print paper. KINGMA JET can directly print on various materials without any plate making and finish coloring at one time.

Spotlights of Candle Printing Machine

1) High precision, low cost, and greatly reduce production and processing costs in the special printing industry

2) Fast printing speed, convenient and fast operation, no personnel dependence

3) Using Epson original printer head, high image quality and vivid color

4) It is convenient for mass production and processing, and the supporting template can be processed in large quantities.

5) Strong stability, solving many shortcomings of existing flatbed printers

Finished Products by Candle Printing Machine

color number candles-min.jpg

Working Video of Digital Candle Printer

Specification of Digital Candle Printing Machine


Digital Candle Printer

Print size

Super A1 format 600m*1500mm

Printing direction

intelligent bidirectional printing

Printing speed

A1 (1440dpi)/10min


Highest printing accuracy


Special ink

environmentally friendly UV ink

Power requirements

110-220V 50-60HZ

Interface mode



Operating platform

Windows95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, 2003 MAC Linus