Fully Automatic Tealight Candle Filling Production Line

Fully Automatic Tealight Candle Filling Production Line

Capacity: 18000 pcs/h

Power: 28 kw

Nozzle diameter: 2 mm, 3mm, 5mm, 4mm or 7mm

Main Parts: cup sorting machine,glue dispenser,filling nozzle, electronic controlling device,etc.

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Automatic Candle Filling Machine Introduction

Parparty tealight filling machine is a turnkey plant, which is controlled by PLC and independently complete the processes from placing the container, transportation, container preheating, filling, surface smooth and liquid wax cooling to finished candle product.

Spotlight of Tealight Candle Making Machine

 ● Premier steel        ● Scientific design

 ● High efficiency     ● High automation

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Working Flow of Industrial Candle Making Machine

1. Cup sorting machine turns cups into right side and feed to the conveyor. 
2. Cups are conveyed to the sustainter fixing machine to stick with the wick sustainters. 
3. Glue dispenser dispenses glue on the cups bottom center.
4. Cups with wick sustainers are rowed up in the filling conveyor.
5. Cups are filled with liquid wax.
6. Filled cups are cooled on the conveyor.

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Specification of Automatic Tealight Candle Making Machine


Automatic Tealight Candle Filling Production Line

Nozzle diameter

2 mm, 3mm, 5mm, 4mm or 7mm

Wax liquid loading

300 litre

Sustainer's diameter

37 mm(customizable)

Container height

7-27 mm


18000 pcs/h

Total line weight:

32*6*2 m

Power supply

28 kw



The number of the filler and the rows of nozzles can be customized.