How to Make a Paraffin Wax Candle

Every year, almost half amount of paraffin wax is used in candle making. It is of better burn quality and loose requirements for wick. And it is one of the most plentiful and multi-use waxes used today. So it is an ideal choice candle making beginners and candle wholesale suppliers at the same time.

Usually for candle quality, we choose fully refined paraffin wax. Candles made from this paraffin wax is fully burnt and smokeless. Pretty much any type of candle can be made with paraffin wax. The common kinds are white candles, taper candles, pillar candles, ball candles, tealight candles and jar candles. How to make a paraffin wax candle?

White Candle

White candle has little requirements for hand craft, so mechanized production is the best choice. For small-scale white candle making, a melting pot and a manual white candle making machine are enough. There is also fully automatic white candle making machine. The speed is dazzling(as shown in the following video).

Taper Candle

Taper candle is special in shape, which is thinner on the upper part. It is made by a very traditional way.


1. Melt your wax.

2. Cut a piece of wick to a proper size.

3. Tie nuts onto both ends of the wick.

4. Dip the wax to the depth you would like your candles to be.

5. Dip into cold water to cool.

6. Repeat step4 and step 5 until your candle is the right length.

7. Remove the nuts with scissors.

The process is not complex but a little troublesome and slow. Candle dipping equipment can automatically finish the whole process. At the same time, the quality is better.

Pillar Candle and Ball Candle

1. Choose your wick. For pillar candle, a good choice is flat and braided wicks.

2. Preheat your mold because a cold mold or container may cause surface chilling on your candle.

3. Keep the wick in place by tying it around the middle of the special metal needle used for candle making.

4. Melt the paraffin wax in a melting pot.

5. Pour the melted candle wax carefully into the mould.

6. Cool and re-pour to top-off your candle. We suggest the time interval is an hour or two, or the wax will begin to shrink and pull away from the top of the mold.

7. Cool and remove from mold. If the candle is stuck inside the mould, put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

If you consider to expand scale, Parparty large pillar extruder machine will produce both pillar candle and ball candle.

Jar Candle

Jar candle is a kind of candle people like to DIY for its rich color and design. There are jar candle making direction:

1. Prepare paraffin wax, dye chip, wick sustainer, wick bars, a pair of scissors and melting pot.

2. Heat paraffin wax to 85 ℃ in a melting pot. At this temperature,the dye and fragrance will dissolve easily and completely into the wax.

3. Add one dye chip at 85 ℃ and mix it until it is totally dissolved. After it, remove the wax from the heat and add fragrance oil.

4. Cool the wax to pouring temperature. The general temperature is 76 ℃. After reaching this temperature, pour it into the wicked jars.

5. Allow the candles to cool at room temperature overnight. Then, cut the wick leaving an inch above the wax surface.

You also can buy wick sustainers from others, but if you own a candle factory, buying a automatic candle wick sutainer making machine. There is also a whole production line for making jar candle.

Tealight Candle

There are not so many people to diy tealight candle as those who make jar candle. If you like to do manually, manual tealight candle machine will save your time. A batch can make about 200 tealight candles. For automation, semi-automatic tealight candle production line is a popular choice. A complete production line include candle wick dipping machine ,tealight aluminum cup making machine, automatic candle wick sustainer making machine and semi-automatic tealight candle making machine. If you don’t want to produce wick,wick sustainer and aluminum cup, a semi-automatic tealight candle machine is enough for you.