How to Make Birthday Number Candle in Large Scale

When we hold a party or celebrating birthday for our close friends, who don’t want to make it fantastic? You can’t lack number candles. The number candles can be so different and full of imagination. Different from pillar candle which can be automatically finished now, number candles still need to consume a lot of manpower. How to make better number candles in large scale with less cost?

Number Candle Making Instruction

wax melter.jpgStep 1: Melt Wax

Paraffin wax is still a main candle making material. It usually melt about 60℃. For DIY number candle making, you can make it in a double boiler; for candle making factory, wax melting pot is very necessary and useful.

Finished product of wax forming machine.jpgStep 2: Paraffin Liquid Foaming

To increase the volume of paraffin wax and reduce cost, you must stir continuously to make paraffin liquid foam. If you produce in large scale, wax foaming machine can do better and faster than you.

birthday-number-candle-mould.jpgStep 3: Prepare Cotton Wick and Aluminum Candle Mould

Insert the candle wick into one head of the candle mould and pour the paraffin liquid into the mould slowly until it leaks out. Candle mould has many kinds, but we usually choose aluminum candle mould. In the second part, we will tell you why.

number candle.jpgStep 4: Forming and Take out

It will take about 15 minutes to form and then you can take out. For smoother surface, you can dip the number candles into paraffin liquid again and then put them into water for cooling. The cooling will take a few minutes.

colorful number candle.jpgStep 5:Colorful Number Candles

To make them look fabulous, you can use candle printer to rich their pattern and color. It is optional.

How to Choose Candle Mould

There are many kinds of candle molds: silica gel, plastic, stainless steel and aluminum, but we usually choose aluminum candle mould. Why? Because it has more advantages than others:

1. It is easy to shape, so customizable degree is high. No matter what you like, aluminum candle mould is OK.

2. It cools down very fast, thus saving candle making time.

3. It is easy to demold and clean. When you take out the number candles, just spray some water. You can find the processing video on our detailed page of aluminum candle mould.