How to Make Different Candles?

Candles, made of wax or other fuels, have a wick, and can be burned after ignition. Candles are generally used for lighting, but they were gradually replaced by electric lights after the power revolution.

1551163864954350.jpgNowadays, candles are often used as spare lighting in the event of power outages. Candles are also used for festivals or other special days. Candles are often burned at gatherings or collective mourning events around the country.

Candles can be divided into rough-faced waxes and smooth-faced waxes. Generally, the surface of rough-faced waxes often has a taste, and there is a layer of hoarfrost on them. Different rough-faced waxes will bring different odors; while smooth-faced waxes have no taste. The surface of the body is very smooth and easy to make a beautiful shape.

Candles are generally divided into white candle, pillar candle,tealight candle, jar candle, craft candle. And there are many colors. How to make them?

1566464309614874.jpgThere are 3 ways to make candles: one is aluminum candle molds such as number/letter mold, the second is candle making machine that is divided into manual candle machine and automatic candle making machine, the third is candle filling machine.

Now the main raw material of the candle is paraffin wax. Candle makes usually choose fully refined paraffin wax or semi refined paraffin. The oil content is about or less than 0.5%.

The added auxiliary materials are white oil, stearic acid, polyethylene, flavor, etc., among which stearic acid (C17H35COOH) is mainly used to improve the softness, and the specific addition depends on what kind of candle is produced.