Large Pillar Candle Extruder

Large Pillar Candle Extruder

Candle Specification: Dia.50-100 mm

Output Quantity: 1200 pcs per hour

Power: 20 kw

Dimension: 3200*3000*4000 mm

Application: for pillar candle and ball candle production

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Large Pillar Candle Extruder Introduction

Our large pillar candle extruder can produce pillar candle and ball candle with high efficiency. By adopting CPU program, it can excellently finish the whole process by itself. The finished products are of smooth surface and high burning quality.

Feature of Candle Press Machine

  1. Intelligent Control, CPU program.

  2. Multiple sizes and two popular candles are available.

  3. Candles produced by our machine is of premier quality.

  4. Installation service and operation guide are supported.

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Details Show

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Installation Site

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Working Video of Pillar Candle Extruder

Specifications of Candle Manufacturing Machine


Large Pillar Candle Extruder

Candle Specification

Pillar candle: Dia.50-100 mm, Height:50-300 mm

Ball candle: Dia. 50-100 mm

Output Quantity

1200 pcs per hour


Main motor:15 kw, supplementary motor:5kw


3200*3000*4000 mm


4500 kg