Pillar Candle/Tealight Candle Making Machine

Pillar Candle/Tealight Candle Making Machine

Candle Size: 35-50 mm(Dia.)

Capacity: 10000-28000 pcs/h

Dimension: 1200*1080*3360 mm

Power: 9.5 kw

Application: for pillar candle/tealight candle making

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Pillar/Tealight Candle Making Machine Introduction

Our this automatic candle making machine can produce little pillar candle and tealight candle. The whole set is controlled by CPU program, therefore the whole process is high efficient and of high yield. With necessary safety design, it will be safer for the operator.

Advantages of Tealight Candle Making Machine

  1. Choosing premier steel to keep the whole set’s stability and long service life.

  2. High automation, high capacity

  3. It is mainly used for making pillar candle/tealight candle. According to the requirement,other candle molds can be made.

pillar candle and tealight candle.jpg

Present Show of Automatic Candle Making Machine

present show of candle machine-min.jpg

Working Video of Pillar Candle Working Machine

 Specification of Pillar Candle/Tealight Candle Making Machine




9.5 kw

Candle size

35-50 mm(Dia.),18-60 mm(H)


10000-28000 pcs/h





2000 kg