Semi-automatic Jar Candle Filling Machine

Semi-automatic Jar Candle Filling Machine

Power: 20 kw

Capacity: 7200 pcs/h

Application: for making jar candle

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Semi-automatic Jar Candle Filling Machine Introduction

Our semi-automatic jar candle filling machine is for manually placing the containers and automatically filling the candle, thus greatly improving efficiency and precision. The height of filling head can be adjusted along shelf which will be suitable for different height and volume container.

Spotlights of Jar Candle Making Machine

  • It is applicable for different containers like tealight cup, glass cup and big jar.

  • The height of filling head is adjustable

  • Premier steel ensures it easy to clean and maintain.

  • Conveying speed is controllable. You can adjust according to filling line


Working Flow of Jar Candle Machine

Liquid wax is pumped into filling head by a heat resistant pump which is in the wax tank.Liquid wax will move between filling head and wax tank circularly.When the containers on the conveyor move under the filling head,a sensor will detect them and begin to fill.The liquid wax volume can be adjusted and set by a timer on control box.While we can add cooling system according to customer's require in order to short cooling time.

Working Video of Jar Candle Production Line

Specification of Jar Candle Filling Machine




20 kw

Machine total size

1.1*24 m


7200 pcs/h