Where to Get Candle Making Materials

Candles are one of the most traditional forms of light. Throughout history, candles have been used by people worldwide to light darkness. Today, it is more for decorative purpose besides that. Since candle making craft seems to be simple, many people like to try it or become a candle supplier. The first question they fact to is where to get candle making materials.

The common candle kinds are white candle, pillar candle, tealight candle and jar candle. For white candle and pillar candle, the basic materials required are wax, wicks, color and fragrance, and mold; for tealight candle and jar candle, they are wax, wick, color and fragrance and containers.

candle making materials.jpg

For the individuals, you can get these candle making materials easily in candle supply stores or shop online like Amazon, Walmart,etc. There are also many websites online for candle making where you can find all you need like candle wax, wick, mold, container, dye,etc. The related candle making course will also be provided.

There are few pieces of essential equipment for individual candle makers to make candle. The most important one is a melting pot to heat and melt the wax. You can use a pan in kitchen or buy a small melting pot.

For the beginner in candle making business, the problem is a little complicated. Their supplier can’t be only one in most cases because of their large demand for material and machines. They can buy paraffin wax  or candle making machines on well-known platform like Alibaba or Tradekey. Similarly, there are also big suppliers of paraffin wax and candle machines like Ffaith and Parparty. 

Ffaith is the first agent of PetroChina and Sinopec, top two manufacturers of paraffin wax in China. It also provides other waxes like beeswax and soy wax. Parparty can provide single machine like manual candle making machine, melting pot and the whole candle making plant like semi-automatic candle making plant. With material and equipment at hand, let’s move on to make candles!